Modeling | Pancakes Galore


The fashion modeling industry in Pittsburgh is very, very limited as there are not many retail headquarters located in the area. Many models earn a living doing promotional and experiential modeling on the side in addition to their fashion gigs (I work in fashion and promotions). The really cool thing about this – at least to me- is that the promotional opportunities are always different and unique. Last night I was hired to make fresh pancakes for the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Lawrenceville. 

Hanna, Tessa, and I made hundreds of pancakes in just three hours and served upwards of 500+ people. It was such a crazy cool atmosphere to work in between the art, the awesome club music, and the people. It was fast paced and I loved being able to make a show of flipping tons of pancakes on a grill top with flare. The money (which was completely tip based) reflected how much the people were enjoying it which ended up quite nicely for me! I would totally work a promotion like this again! 


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