Review | Nuun Energy Tablets

This morning I had to run to Whole Foods to drop off a packet for a promotion and decided to stop and shop a bit. First of all, Whole Foods on a Saturday morning (especially the one in East End) is like an “in real life” version of frogger. Dodging busy moms and active fitties is not for the feint of heart. Anyway, I’ve been training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon for the past few months and for whatever reason training this time around is consistently leaving me feeling zonked. I’m starting to think its an imbalance in electrolytes since I am plenty hydrated (I drink almost a gallon of water per day.) Not being a huge fan of Gatorade, this kind of leaves me in a training predicament. Gatorade is super sugary and always gives me a stomachache.

I found a couple of different options in the supplement isle at Whole  Foods but decided to give Berry flavored Nuun Energy a try. It comes 10 tablets in a pack and is sold (at Whole Foods) for $6.99. All you have to do is take the tab out of the tube, break it in half and plop it in a 16 ounce bottle of water. It kind of fizzes and takes about 15 minutes of periodic shaking t dissolve it all, but it’s absolutely delicious! It doesn’t hurt my stomach, is a pretty light pink color and gives me plenty of energy to sustain a workout or a run. Also, there isn’t a funky aftertaste! It leaves your body feeling energized and clean.

There are tons of flavor options for Nuun, I think next time I might go for Mango Nuun or the Green Tea and Ginger Nuun.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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