Fashion | On Modesty and Mixing Trends

The fashionista side of me always battles with my practical side when trying to decide on an outfit. Deciding which trends to showcase and how to do it all modestly can really prove to be a challenge these days, but it’s one that I’m up for!

Last night I decided to mix together a winter and spring trend (since its April 10 and 30 degrees outside. What?!) by pairing a crop top with a high waisted shirt and suede peep-toe booties.

Ayesha Curry gets such a stigma put on her for choosing to dress fashionably modest and keep the good parts covered for her man. I’m here to stand beside her in effort to bring back fashionable femininity. Ladies, I’m all about girl power and equal pay, but I feel like taking your clothes off in the name of feminism waters down the point we all are trying to make.

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to act or dress, just simply stating some food for thought. If you have to take your clothes off to get attention and to “make a stand for feminism” what is that really telling men? What kind of example is it giving our daughters and sisters? If you want people’s attention, get butt naked. That’s not attracting attention to any of the other substantial gifts we have been blessed with (and the true reason why there should be equal pay… Our abilities not our bodies) and it dilutes your message because you can’t make it unless you’re completely naked. I am all for the before and after pictures, I am all for the beach pictures, I am all for how you want to express yourselves in drapes of clothing but I’m just so confused as to why it has to be butt naked for feminism? I have done my fair share of bathing suit and shape wear modeling but it’s never been done with a sexual intent. It’s a body confident intent. You can be body confident with the good parts covered and not in your birthday suit. 

I’m here to up the ante and issue a challenge… Stand up for your fellow sisters and for femininity by effecting change with your clothes on.


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