Lifestyle | Starting Our Garden

Today M (my four year old male nanny kid) and I started our germination pods for our garden! It’s a super easy and super cheap way to keep your kid entertained all spring and it’s so rewarding to be able to pick and eat the fruits (or vegetables hehe) of your labor! 

I think total our start up cost was about $10.00 at WalMart. We bought a 36 pod Jiffy germination container, and 7 different types of seeds.

 The pods come dry and you just add water and watch them grow. M loved this part.

After you hydrate the pods, you have to pull the fabric out a bit from the top so you can poke holes for the seeds. 

Then you drop the seeds down in the holes and cover with dirt. 

Don’t forget to make a map of what you’re planting so you can remember what each thing is when you start to see sprouts in a few weeks! 

 Put the cover on a leave by a window that gets plenty of light, only watering when the pods start to look light brown and dry. 

Keep checking back for garden updates! 


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