UIF | Prayer Partners for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

As many of you know, I am a coach/missionary volunteer year round for Urban Impact Foundation. This year, with the support of family and friends, I raised $1000 to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon to benefit UIF. Running 13.1 miles is not an easy feat, but one of the things that really helped me last time was creating a prayer list for each mile and writing it on my arm so I could pray for each item as I ran. This year, I am asking you to get involved with me! As Matthew 18:20 says, “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, I am there with them.” 

I am asking for pledges of prayer support to pray through my list with me this Sunday morning during the time that I will be running. I have experienced the power of group prayer and can attest to the transformative affects it has. Please join me in praying for Northside, Urban Impact, and the families and kids that I have had the opportunity to connect with through programs over the past three years. 

Mile 1: The program and mission of UIF. 

Mile 2: Nathan A. and his family (boy on my baseball team this year being raised by his grandpa and extended family.) For the Lord to capture his heart early and that he would find redemption in his story via knowing the Lords love for him. That the Lord would surround the people raising him and give them strength, wisdom and love as they walk through the situations they have been presented with. 

Mile 3: Lee and Sean W. That the lord would continue to capture their hearts and be present in their lives. For strength for both of them. (Lee was on my baseball team the last two years but not this year, Sean is his brother.) 

Mile 4: Amoni (girl in my hip hop class this year) that the lord would move in her life and that she would know there are people and a God that loves her. For the Lord to guide her attention and help with behavioral issues in school. 

Mile 5: The team administrators, coaches, and volunteers that make the Athletics program at UIF possible. For their families and blessings for the act of faith of supporting their missionary via the gift of their time. For patience, wisdom, discernment, assertiveness and grace. 

Mile 6: Kai’ Lynn, Mason, Corey. (Siblings) That the Lord would continue to develop in their lives. Rondell and Delshawn (siblings) that the Lord would capture their hearts and work in their lives. 

Mile 7: Maxwell D. That he develops a love for the Lord and that he is able to direct his energy into baseball.

Mile 8: Travis P. He’s no longer with the program but that the Lord would watch over him and protect him. That he would know he’s loved.

Mile 9: Strength to finish the race (literally and figuratively) for all runners both that are running for UIF and those who ae not.

Mile 10: the families of the kids involved in UIF. 

Mile 11: That the mission of the Lord would continue to be carried out in Northside.

Mile 12: For families who have lost loved ones to violence and crime in Pittsburgh. 

Mile 13: Thanking the Lord for his blessings and how he moves in our lives. 
Thank you so much for your pledge of prayer support!


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