UIF | Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Hi friends! Thank you SO much to those of you who supported my charity run for Urban Impact Foundation! Together as an organization we raised nearly $50,000!!!! 

This year was particularly tough for me. Between the rain, wet feet, less spectators out to cheer, and overall lack of morale, I’ll be honest… It was a major struggle to finish. 

Somewhere around like 7 as I was coming trough the West End, my knee gave out and I felt like crying. Then out of nowhere my mom called and reminded me of why I was running and who I was doing this for. I could never finish it in my own strength. I cried out to the Lord for help to finish strong like I hope the kids I have the Privelige of coaching and mentoring in Northside will. Their faces each popped into my mind and it gave the motivation I needed to cross the finish line. Somehow I improved my finish time by 15 minutes from the first time I ran it. 

This year instead of crying as I crossed, I was wearing a huge smile because all I could think about was the girls from UIF who are graduating this year, the kids who have given their lives to Christ, and the many other little guys who are eager to learn about our King. 

I’ll run this race again and again every year until I physically can’t anymore in the same way that I will continue to minister to the kids and families of Northside until I physically can’t anymore. Together we can make a difference in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood. 


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