R&R at Ohiopyle 

How cool is it that technology allows for me to post this from my tent in the middle of the woods?! Normally, I’d be out enjoying all this gorgeousness with my family, but since it is raining and they are all sleeping I figured I’d take the time to reflect on a moment I had yesterday. 

Phoenix and I are spending the weekend camping with my brother and his girlfriend in Ohiopyle State Park. Yesterday we decided to go rafting in the Yoghiogheny River. It was the perfect day for it… Super hot and humid making the cold river water cool and refreshing. It was an 11 mile trip so we spent a lot of time just coasting and relaxing. Something I truly do not get to do often but used to so much when I was in highschool. You know, sit back relax and reflect? Adults don’t get that opportunity often but I’m so glad that we did yesterday. Between the cold water, the hot sun on my Native American skin, and the warm smell of honeysuckle floating all around yesterday I reconnected with my highschool self… Which is something I didn’t realize I needed to do. And it was amazing. 

Sometimes all you need is the river, your closest friends and the sunshine. 


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