Last night I came home from a rough day to find a surprise VoxBox on my doorstep from Influenster! It totally made my day. Especially when I opened it to find not one, but three complimentary full-size Bite Cosmetics Matte Creme Lip Crayons just sitting there waiting for me to test and review online 🙂 

I’m just going to tell you, I normally hate matte lipstick because I don’t like how it feels on my lips and how after wearing it, you get a clumpy line right where your lips touch. Bite Cosmetics has totally come up with a solution to fix this problem and I could not be happier! 

I was sent three shades, Red Velvet, Cava and Glacé. 

I can already tell which one is going to be my favorite… definitely Cava. I just love the cool tones and how pretty it compliments my purple and plum eyeshadow today. 

It even looks great with my glasses on! Which, if you’re a wearer of glasses, you understand how hard it can be to find shades of lipstick that work with both your color palate for eyes and also toe glasses. I’m so happy with these crayons and will definitely be purchasing for myself once my complimentary samples run out. 

Love this look? Buy it here:

Bite Cosmetics Matte Creme Lip Crayon Sample Pack 

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