Hi Friends! I’m Danielle… A 24 year old born and raised in the lovely city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

I am a nanny, a model, a coach, and a fitness/health food junkie. I’m also seriously addicted to coffee. I’d say it was my first love but that special spot in my heart is taken by Jesus (and then coffee hehe). 

(Pictured above: me wth some of my Urban Impact kids at a Pirates game.)

For years I struggled with many things… My weight, what my purpose was in life, finding genuine joy, anxiety… I could go on forever but my story is a one of redemption and hope and I would like to use this platform to share it with you! I chose the name “Fit Nanny” because it’s real! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this unrealistic, unattainable, rich girl fitness/lifestyle that’s portrayed everywhere. I want to give you tips on how to be healthy on a budget and with a packed schedule!   

(pictured above: my transformation from 235 pounds to my current weight)

 I’ve been through a lot in my 24 years and I’m hoping that by being transparent about my story it can help others to realize that there is always hope and freedom to be found in the Lord and in the breaking of chains that hold us down.

(Pictured above: me and my little brother Dillon for my Halloween party last year.)

 I want to mobilize women to truly affect change in this world and that starts by living in joy that comes from a relationship with the Lord and embracing who he created us to be. 


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