Eat PGH | Bak’n 

Yesterday after my shoot, Phoenix surprised me with a day date to our favorite restaurant, Bak’n. Located on Main Street in Carnegie, this restaurant boasts and extensive menu centered around bacon. It’s always nostalgic eating there because it’s where we had our first date! I usually get the Frittata and he usually gets the 1 pound BLT sandwich but this time we switched it up. He got a chicken  sandwich and I got the BLT on a plate with out a bun. So much yum! The bacon is perfectly thick and impeccably cooked to a medium yet crisp consistency. They top it with fresh arugula, thick and juicy beefsteak tomato slices, and a house dressing. I’m not sure what kind of bun it typically comes on but it’s so good without a bun. 

The setting is really cool and has a modern industrial vibe with lots of wood and metal mixed for the decor. We have been in there a number of times and it ranges from packed to pretty dead depending on the time of day. Service was very good and quite prompt. Parking is rough since it’s mostly on street parking but the GetGo across the street has quite a few spots and I asked if we could use it to go across the street to eat and they said it was no problem. Besides the nostalgia I have associated with this resturant it really is a hidden gemstone in Carnegie that you all will have to go check out for yourselves some time. 



Eat PGH | Brunch at The Smallman Galley 

Lately my boyfriend and I have been into trying new brunch spots around Pittsburgh. This past Sunday we were headed to Pamela’s Diner in the Strip District, but upon seeing the line was out the door we decided to find somewhere else. Right next to Pamela’s is this new place called The Smallman Galley. The concept is super cool. It’s a shared cafeteria-style resturant launch that offers four local chefs an unique opportunity to fine tune their business idea before actually going out on their own. Each chef rents the space for 18 months while they work on building a menu and creating brand recognition. At the end of their lease new chefs will be selected to inhabit the space with their resturant idea. Right now the four options are Josephine’s Toast, Provision PGH, Tartota Cafe, and Aubergine Bistro. Phoenix opted for Chicken and Waffles with sweet soy sauce glaze from Aubergine Bistro. The huge portion was absolutely delicious (I had to sneak a bite which was well worth the crap feeling I had later for glutening myself) complete with that satisfaction that only comfort food can give you. The waffles were soft with surprise cinnamon chips throughout and the chicken was freshly battered and fried to light and crispy perfection. I chose the gluten free avocado toast topped with an egg and bacon from Josephine’s Toast. It tasted amazing but I was slightly disappointed at the serving size for what it cost. Phoenix and I loved the open eatery, industrial style atmosphere and will definitely be repeat customers!

(Picture taken by Phoenix)