Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Can I let you in on a secret, girl to girl? I am OBESSED with lipstick. Especially nude lipstick. I’m actually kind of a junkie. I have to tell you about the new Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in the Fawn 05 shade. It’s amazing! 

The application is very smooth and the wear is long lasting! Also… I LOVE the shade! Thank you to Burberry for sending me this complimentary to test and review! I highly recommend anyone with an olive skin tone purchasing it at Sephora for $34! 


Empowerment Collaboration

One of my favorite things about modeling is being able to stand up for causes through collaborations. I recently had the privilege of working with Lola Gilbert of HelloLola Photography (formerly WildeSage Photography) on a body positivity project. If you know anything about me, you know that this is something that is near and dear to my heart. 

Lola’s entire premise for her business is to empower women to embrace who they are through photography sessions. Truly, it is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself. Let me just tell you, she’s amazing. From start to finish she makes you feel so comfortable that it’s like having your big behind the lens. She has lots of different options for shoots, product, etc. Check her out on Instagram: @hellololaphotography. She made me feel like such a vintage babe. I can’t say enough about her style 😍. 

Today’s Gonna Be Great

Today’s Gonna Be Great

Last week I the opportunity to work with Lucas Hunter (DJ Ljiggy) on a merch/brand project he has been creating. He reached out to me after he saw my Instagram page (@imove92) and asked if I’d be willing to model a dress for his brand, Today’s Gonna Be Great. His goal is to spread positivity among the young generation to combat all the negativity we face in the world. A cause I could totally get behind. Without hesitation I accepted. It was such a privilege to work with both Lucas and the amazing Michael Parente. Below are a few of the results. The hoodie dress can be purchased at http://www.ljiggy.com.

Location: Dormont Public Pool

Photographer: Michael Parente

Hair and Makeup: Myself

Dress: Ljiggy

Shades: LeSpec

Sliders: Addidas

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Plus Size Coachella Style at rue21 

Last week at work we got to go outside and play for a couple of Coachella-inspired music festival shoots. Thanks to Mel, Alexa, Bri and Jared, we got some really fun results! All styles shown are currently shoppable at rue21 right now!  


Bri informed me that the weekend these pictures posted the kimono I am wearing sold out 🙂 
Top Image: Mel Friend Photography

Bottom Three Images: Jared Marsh Photography 

Hair: Mel Friend 

Make Up: Myself 

Other Model: Alexa Furek 


Modeling | Pancakes Galore


The fashion modeling industry in Pittsburgh is very, very limited as there are not many retail headquarters located in the area. Many models earn a living doing promotional and experiential modeling on the side in addition to their fashion gigs (I work in fashion and promotions). The really cool thing about this – at least to me- is that the promotional opportunities are always different and unique. Last night I was hired to make fresh pancakes for the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Lawrenceville. 

Hanna, Tessa, and I made hundreds of pancakes in just three hours and served upwards of 500+ people. It was such a crazy cool atmosphere to work in between the art, the awesome club music, and the people. It was fast paced and I loved being able to make a show of flipping tons of pancakes on a grill top with flare. The money (which was completely tip based) reflected how much the people were enjoying it which ended up quite nicely for me! I would totally work a promotion like this again!