No Sugar Cinnamon Walnuts

So recently I’ve been struggling with intense inflammation. I think it has to do with these crazy 80 hour work weeks I’ve been working! In an effort to naturally reduce the inflammation, I’ve resorted to coming up with recipes that incorporate ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. 

These walnuts are super easy to make and are highly addictive!

4 cups raw walnuts

1 TBS cinnamon 

1/8 cup stevia powder

2 tsp vanilla extract 

Splash of water
Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 degrees.

Mix up all ingredients and spread onto an aluminum foil covered pan. 

Put in oven, mixing occasionally for roughly 15 minutes… keep an eye on them as walnuts will burn quickly.

When walnuts are slightly toasted, pull out and let cool before enjoying! 


Review of L’Oréal EverPure Color Care Elixir

Below is the fabulous result of the L’Oréal EverPure Hair Elixir. This leave-in spray has been a game-changer for my hair especially in this humid climate that I live in! It is light and leaves my hair smelling amazing and fresh with undernotes of spices. It’s thicker and fuller and helps to maintain a nice texture without having to blow dry. 

I did receive this product complimentary to test and review from Influenster and L’Oréal Paris.

Sunset Goddess Editorial Makeup 

This great make up look was created by Lana K, using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Make Up Palate and loose brassy shadow from NYX Cosmetics, mascara is Smashbox X-Rated in black. Skin is It Cosmetics combined with tresChic highlighter. Lips are Ulta Nude Shade 226 lined with Ulta Dual Lipliner in Flesh Shade.  

Want this look? Buy the Palate here:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palate 


Can I Be Real With You?

Hi friends! I’ve been super busy lately so I’ve been on here less frequently but I was inspired last week to write about something very very personal. So personal, in fact, that I hardly share it with anyone. Howeverx in light of my experience last week, I feel I must share with you all and I must call out LA Fitness on some unhealthy and potentially triggering sales methods they use during the course of on-boarding as a new member of their gym.

For the last two years I have been a steady 3-4 night per week member at a Planet Fitness that is 40 minutes away from my house. The $20 per month 24-hour, unlimited tanning membership was just too good for this frugal girl to pass up! I spent hours per week at that place and it hold a special place in my heart as the first gym I ever belonged to. Hours preparing for my first half marathon, hours preparing for mudders, hours post break up pounding out every ounce of anger out on those machines and weights. I’m sentimental, ok? However, in light of new goals I’ve made for myself (seeking to become a personal trainer) I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut with workouts there. I lacked the motivation that indimitation brings (I’m weird, I know. But I personally love the challenge that seeing people who are much farther along in their fitness journey brings). I was getting too comfortable with myself there. So, it was time to change to a gym that was closer and on the next step up. LA Fitness seemed like the perfect fit what with the extensive amount of weight and machines in addition to classes, a pool, and sauna. Plus, only a 15 minute drive to the one on Carson Street in SouthSide. 

With the membership I was told I get a free personal training session. I was really excited about this because I was ready to hop right back into the saddle and get back to my best self. I set the appointment and showed up ready to sweat only to find that it was a consultation. During this consultation the guy who was “consulting” proceeded to tell me that according to the BMI calculation that I’m extremely obese for my height and that I would need to lose 30 pounds to get to the “national ideal” size. 30 POUNDS?! I have about 22 percent body fat and have a massive amount of muscle weight… plus I’m very “well endowed” both in the front and back. If I lost 30 pounds, I would have little to no breast tissue and would look like skin and bones. I truly couldn’t believe the IGNORANCE and insults that continuously spewed of of this guy’s mouth with him even adding his own comments about my body. THEN on top of that, after tearing me apart, he proceeds to tell me that in order to “fix it” it’ll cost me an extra $100 initiation fee PLUS $200 per month on top of the $100 initiation fee I had just paid to join the gym and the $36/month I pay to remain a member.

 I left in such a fluster feeling like I’m enormous and that there’s nothing I can do about it. All I could keep thinking is, “I am so glad this happened to me and not someone who hasn’t dealt with their eating disorder.” If that would have been said to me three years ago binge dieting, 2 a days, and laxatives would have been the first thing I turned to. I was super disappointed at how the consult went but after dealing with my initial hurt, I was able to push past it to see the good in all of it. I HAVE been doing such a good job staying in remission with my eating disorder and eating healthy and working out regularly. WHO CARES WHAT SOME MEATHEAD AT THE GYM THINKS OF MY BODY! He’s getting paid to break me down and then sell me on a service – which by the way is a HORRIBLE business strategy. I wish I could remember the guys name and I would call him out directly but more importantly I want all of you girls to remember this… NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE EXCEPT FOR YOURSELF. So until next time, imma just keep doing me and saying bye to the haters. ✌🏼️


Formula X Gel-like Nail Polish

This week I received a VoxBox from Influenster that included the FormulaX nail system to test and review online. Can I just tell you, this system is amazing?! It cuts drying time in half and stays on forever! It’s super easy and the Delete All polish remover works with literally ONE swipe. And it’s all gone. I’m really impressed Formula X! You’ll definitely have a returning customer. 

#systemaddict#contest #formulax



Hey friends! I just wanted to let you know I’m on Influenster and I’ve been reviewing lots of great products! 

In case you’re not sure what Influenster is, it’s an app where you review products and post to your social media To let others know how you feel about products, companies, vacation spots, ect. You can also ask questions and make lists of your favorite things. After you become a top Influenster you get the opportunity to receive VoxBoxes which are boxes of free products they send you to make reviews and YouTube videos on. I’m working on making my first YouTube video and will post it when it’s ready! 

I’ve been posting lots of thoughts and pictures as well! It’s truly an awesome site to connect with other women and get truthful reviews on products before you buy them. Here is a link to my list of On the Go Make Up Must Haves. be sure to join and connect with me!

Happy reviewing!


UIF | Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Hi friends! Thank you SO much to those of you who supported my charity run for Urban Impact Foundation! Together as an organization we raised nearly $50,000!!!! 

This year was particularly tough for me. Between the rain, wet feet, less spectators out to cheer, and overall lack of morale, I’ll be honest… It was a major struggle to finish. 

Somewhere around like 7 as I was coming trough the West End, my knee gave out and I felt like crying. Then out of nowhere my mom called and reminded me of why I was running and who I was doing this for. I could never finish it in my own strength. I cried out to the Lord for help to finish strong like I hope the kids I have the Privelige of coaching and mentoring in Northside will. Their faces each popped into my mind and it gave the motivation I needed to cross the finish line. Somehow I improved my finish time by 15 minutes from the first time I ran it. 

This year instead of crying as I crossed, I was wearing a huge smile because all I could think about was the girls from UIF who are graduating this year, the kids who have given their lives to Christ, and the many other little guys who are eager to learn about our King. 

I’ll run this race again and again every year until I physically can’t anymore in the same way that I will continue to minister to the kids and families of Northside until I physically can’t anymore. Together we can make a difference in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood.